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One of the biggest trends we’re seeing this summer is that short cuts — crew cuts, buzz cuts, etc. — are all the buzz right now. We saw a massive surge of men growing long hair in 2020 and 2021. Now, we’re seeing a movement of those guys getting their locks clipped into more close-cropped looks.

Within that shorter cut trend, a handful of cuts are cutting through the noise right now.

We talked to the Beardbrand Barbers to get their insight into which men’s haircuts they’re currently digging the most.

Let’s get into these five trending cuts for Summer 2022.


Mullets have been trending upward since 2018, but they really peaked in 2020 and 2021—primarily due to the pandemic and a return of 90s styles amongst teenagers. If you want to add an edginess to your look but don’t want to go full Tennessee Tophat (mullet), Bob Miranda recommends the drop mohawk. It’s an easy-going, natural flowing fade that comes to a point on the neck and looks killer when paired with a beard.

Beardbrand: What do you like about the drop mohawk?
Bob: It’s a little bit of a party but not a lot of commitment. Compared to the mullet, the drop mohawk is like going to a party but dipping out early—probably without saying goodbye.

Beardbrand: Who is this cut good for?
Bob: Anyone who wants something a little different but doesn’t want to go full mullet.

Beardbrand: Any tips for asking a barber for this cut?
Bob: Keep it super classic up, about two and a half inches in length. Pair it with a mid-skin fade, and you’re good to go.

Check out Bob hooking up the drop mohawk cut below.


Short, close-cropped have been gaining steam over the past couple of years—buzz cuts, crew cuts, high and tight, etc. Jesse Crouse is all in on high fades with a finger-length top. It’s a simple, old-school style with the low-maintenance appeal of a crew cut but with a little extra versatility from the extra length up top.

Beardbrand: What do you like about the high fade and finger-length top?
Jesse: This cut is interesting because it’s going just a little shorter than the textured crop trend, but it’s not quite a buzzcut—it’s somewhere in between.

Beardbrand: Who is this cut good for?
Jesse: This hairstyle is for anyone looking for an extremely low-maintenance look that still provides the essence of effort put into their style.

Beardbrand: Any tips for asking a barber for this cut?
Jesse: Showing pictures of a textured crop with explicit instructions to take the top shorter is a good starting place when asking your barber for this cut. You can also just ask for a high fade with finger-length or 2 finger-lengths on top. Or, ask for something that looks like a cleaner, grown-out buzzcut with a little more texture on top. Those are all pretty clear ways to communicate this style.

Check out the cut below.


French Crops have been around for years, but they still haven’t overtaken standard fades and side parts in popularity. That makes this summer the perfect time to try one. The French Crop is a solid change of direction from the classic skin fade and side part. It still features a skin fade, but the top hair is pushed forward, and the hairline sits slightly lower on the forehead. It’s an ideal style for men with wavy or curly hair with a natural texture, but it can work well for anyone.

Cisco Alba is a master of the French Crop, so we got his two cents on this cut.

Beardbrand: What do you like about the French Crop?
Cisco: The more defined crop makes the cut more fashion-forward, and it’s super easy to style. Add a touch of Beardbrand Styling Balm or sprinkle some wax powder, and off you go.

Beardbrand: Who is this cut good for?
Cisco: Clients that have curly, wavy, or straight hair. Crops work really good with guys that have dense hair. It allows for more textured fun.

Beardbrand: Any tips for asking a barber for this cut?
Cisco: I typically tell guys to check Google or Instagram for inspiration and use that to show their barber. Pictures are the way to go.

These photos from Cisco’s Instagram will give you a jumping-off point.


Here’s the thing—no matter what haircuts are trending, you can never go wrong with a mid fade and balanced, texturized top. It’s classic, and the texturized top gives just enough of a hint of being modern.

We talked to Big Chris about why he’s digging this cut.

Beardbrand: What do you like about the mid fade and texturized top?
Chris: This cut is super easy to maintain and style. The mid fade is both a classic and modern way to cut the sides, while the top can be styled in various ways.

Beardbrand: Who is this cut good for?
Chris: This cut suits virtually every texture type. Thick, thin, curly, and every ethnicity. It just works for everyone.

Beardbrand: Any tips for asking a barber for this cut?
Chris: It’s best to use your finger to point to where you want the fade to start and ask for a balanced cut that’s short on top. However, nothing is better than finding a photo on your phone to show us.

See the cut in the video below.


Platinum blonde (or even platinum white) bleached hair is on the rise amongst men. In past, bleached hair might be something better left to teenagers, but as Greg Berzinsky shows in the video below, it can be a really subtle yet impactful way to change up your look if you have a head and beard full of white hair.

If you go this route, we definitely recommend finding a trained stylist over trying to do it yourself.


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