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The razor blade. This small, simple, sharp piece of metal is such an essential part of a classic double edge safety razor shave. But how do you find the right blade when there seem to be so many to choose from? West Coast Shaving has you covered. We carry nearly all the most popular brands, as well as a few hard-to-find favorites.

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Here are some of our best selling razor blades by geographic region. 


  • Wilkinson – Germany/Czech Republic 

Wilkinson Sword razor blades are a popular choice for wet shavers. They give a close, comfortable, smooth shave. The Wilkinson brand has been around for over 100 years. They got their start as a British brand manufacturing everything from guns to typewriters in addition to their personal car products. In 2000, they consolidated their production to Germany and in 2014 further moved most of its production to Czech Republic. 

As a part of Dovo, Merkur has a reputation for setting the standard in wet shaving tools. From their razor to their brushes to their blades, they are renowned for fabulous craftsmanship. Hailing from the Solingen region of Germany, they have a long blade-making history. Merkru Platinum blades are known for their smooth shaving.

Personna blades can trace their ancestry back to the Kampfe brothers in 1875. Over the years, these blades have been manufactured by American Safety Razor, Edgewell, and now Private Brands Group. Like Merkur, most of these blades are manufactured in Solingen, Germany. However, Personna blades are also produced in Czech Republic and Israel as well. 

  • Astra – Czech Republic/Russia

Astra blades are produced by the shaving giant, Gillette. These blades are made in the Czech Republic. Astra blades are considered very sharp and extremely affordable.

  • Gillette Platinum – Russia

Gillette is practically a household name in the shaving industry and it is no wonder as they still hold a lion’s share of the market (over 52%). Although they are headquartered in Boston, their double edge razor blades are manufactured in their huge St. Petersburg plant. Gillette blades run from extremely sharp (Silver Blues) to very sharp (Sharp Edge 7 o’clocks) to sharp (Super Stainless 7 o’clocks).  


As mentioned above, some Personna blades are produced in Israel as well. Known as Personna “Reds”, Personna Platinum blades are a nice combination of sharp and smooth. However, they are getting harder and harder to find.

Derby blades are manufactured in Turkey. They have a reputation for being an extremely smooth shaving blade. That means that they aren’t alway as sharp as the other blades but that means they are fantastic for newbies or those with sensitive skin. They are also extremely affordable.  

  • Shark (Lord International) – Egypt

Lord International has been producing quality products since 1930 when the first blade mechanized plant in the middle east was established in Alexandria.  They produce blades under the Lord and Shark labels. The Lord Super Chrome razor blades can be rated as very sharp while the  Shark Super Stainless fall under the super smooth rating. 

Far East

These blades, manufactured in Japan, are often dubbed as the sharpest blade you can find. They are extremely popular with those coarse-haired gentlemen who need an extremely sharp blade to cut through their growth. However, they can cause quite a bit of irritation especially for those with sensitive skin. 

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