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When we started thinking about creating products for others who love wet shaving, we wanted to make worthy razors at a great value. Now into our second decade, we’ve learned, grown, and helped many fall in love with classic shaving. We think the price point of these products is great, but don’t worry, we would never sacrifice price for quality. With any of our West Coast Shaving products you will be sure to add a little character to your supplies. Our safety razors come in a variety of materials, sizes, and textures to meet the needs of classic shavers – new & old.

While the traditional safety razor has been enjoying a resurgence of popularity lately, it is no spring chicken. Since the early part of the 1900s, men have discovered the benefits of this ingenious tool. Not only are you partaking in a rite of passage enjoyed by men throughout the ages, but you are also getting the best shave of your life. The closeness of a one blade shave is arguably the best you can get. And with only a single blade touching your face, you get less irritation. If that wasn’t enough, it is also cheaper than a cartridge and less waste for the environment. What more could you want!?!?

Here are some of our best selling safety razors:

WCS American Liberty CNC Safety Razor 

  • Material – Stainless steel
  • Head – Closed Comb
  • Handle Weight – 80g 


This stainless steel razor is a unique, solid, well-designed razor. CNC machining helps to maintain exactly tolerances so you get a well-built, efficient tool. Reviewer Janet says, “Fit and finish is good. The blade exposure is perfectly even from side to side, and the blade tabs are covered. The shave is VERY smooth, and plenty efficient. . . BBS in 3 passes, without feeling like it would bite me if I were to get careless. Overall, it’s a very good performer.”


WCS Midnight Collection Razor 84B, Black Stainless Steel

  • Material – Black stainless steel
  • Head – Closed Comb
  • Handle Weight – 84g


This hefty razor is much loved in its dramatic black with fabulous knurling. Reviewer Carlos says, “I love the black version of the 84 handle as it goes with everything. . . Knurling is good without being overbearing and just the right length for a daily shaver needing a good handle, or a travel razor needing a low profile handle with good purchase. I own all 3 variants now (stainless, brass, black) and would buy again if needed.”


WCS Classic Collection Razor 78S

  • Material – Stainless steel
  • Head – Open or closed Comb
  • Handle Weight – 78g


This long-handled razor is popular with both men and women shavers. Reviewer Gretchen says, “I switched to a safety razor 4 years ago. I bought the 78S closed comb to learn. It works great in the shower for legs, armpits, and lower region. The textured handle made it sturdy with no slipping. I recently switched to an open comb, and wow! Talk about a close shave. Both the closed comb and open comb provide great shaves, open is just a little closer. Both are better than any disposable.” 


WCS Women’s Silicone Safety Razor

  • Material – Stainless steel with silicone grip
  • Head – Open or Closed Comb
  • Handle Weight – 71g 


Not just for women, but certainly excellent for legs, under arms, and bikini area. Silicone sleeve provides good grip for tub and shower shavers. Reviewer Katie says, “The semi-rounded triangular head is perfect for those hard to reach places such as ankles, bikini area, and armpits! The weight is balanced evenly with the majority in the head, so you do not need to apply a lot of pressure. I love the wonderfully designed metal handle that is encased in silicone and ensures no slipping while using in a wet environment. (This is the number one reason I purchased this razor!) I love the this razor, and I hope it continues to be as amazing with each use! Five stars for West Coast Shaving!”


WCS Vintage Collection Razor 79BR, Brass

  • Material – Brass
  • Head – Open or Closed Comb
  • Handle Weight – 79g


It you like the vintage look of brass, you will love this safety razor. Reviewer Gustavo says, “I used the razor as soon as it came in the mail. If was excellent shaving experience. Good weight and good balance for me. Exceptional value for the money. I always wanted a brass razor, as the craftsmanship is very good. Looks very nice as well. I am a very satisfied customer.” 


WCS Multi Titanium Collection Razor, 84M

  • Material – Stainless steel with multi-coloreed anodized finish
  • Head – Open or Closed Comb (in chrome only)
  • Handle Weight – 84g


Get colorful! This titanium handle has a multi colored patina. Reviewer Paul says, “I bought this razor because of the multi-color pattern that looks like a tie-dyed t-shirt. I call it the “Hendrix” razor because, well, I’m a huge Hendrix fan. I have had four flawless shaves with this razor using Merkur, Gillette Platinum, and Shark Stainless blades with four different soaps and creams. I love the weight and balance of this razor, it feels good in the hand. It is easy to hold while wet and the shape of the handle offers multiple grip variations.” 


WCS Natural Collection Razor 38WS, Rosewood & White Ash

  • Material – Rosewood & white ash handle, chrome head
  • Head – Open or Closed Comb
  • Handle Weight – 38g


This lovely wood handle is warm to the hand and beautiful in a stand on your countertop. Reviewer Clay says, “Great shaver. I love the wood handle. It has a great feel in my hand, shaped for easy gripping. I’ve forgotten how good shaving can feel with the right razor head and handle. Thanks for making my morning shave pleasurable again West Coast Shaving!”


Did one of your favorites make the list? Let us know in the comments! Or head to our website and check out all the amazing safety razor options we carry.

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