Best Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin

For many men, the grind of daily grooming means razor burn, bumps, rash, and pain. The constant, repetitive act of shaving can take its toll. Add to that a tendency to sensitivities/allergies to some shaving soaps and you have a recipe for disaster. 


But have no fear, sensitive skin issues are a leading reason why men the world over are embracing classic wet shaving. A single blade (rather than a multi-bladed cartridge) and a voluminous, protective lather from a skin-nourishing shaving soap can add up to a game-changing groom. Many artisans were inspired to try their hand at soap-making because of their own skin-care woes. Our handcrafted shaving soaps are thoughtfully designed with skin in mind.


Choosing a Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin


There are a few things to consider when choosing a shaving soap/cream for sensitive skin. 

  1. Allergies/Sensitivities: First, check the ingredient list. Look for natural ingredients and those shaving soaps free from parabens and other harsh chemicals. In addition, check for items that are known irritants. Many shavers report menthol, cinnamon, clove oil, mint, eucalyptus, lanolin, and even tallow can set off negative reactions. But don’t dismiss a soap out-of-hand. Sometimes leaving a shaving soap to cure longer or using it less frequently can still keep it in your rotation.
  2. Fragrance/Scent: While there is a huge push toward essential oils and their many benefits, they can often be the culprit in skin irritations. Many artisan soap makers have gone to scenting their soaps with wonderful, complex, and heady aromas (some made exclusively with EOs), but you might just have to forgo some delightful scents in order to reduce redness, itchiness, breakouts, and more. Choosing an unscented shaving soap might be the safest way to go.
  3. Tools/Technique: It is also important to note that arguably many, if not most, irritation and razor burn are caused by your technique. If you have perfected your angle, lathered your shaving soap properly, and picked the best blade for you and you still find yourself with irritation, then you probably have an issue with a particular soap. But many irritations can be alleviated by plying the blade correctly.    

WCS Recommendations on Shaving Soaps for Sensitive Skin

We recommend any of our shaving soaps for those with sensitive skin. Our recipes are loaded with skin-nourishing ingredients. So, pick a simple scent like cherry, rose, or sandalwood and give it a whirl. (You should avoid more complex scents until you know how you react and, of course, avoid those that are a known irritant for you.)

What is your go-to, favorite shaving soap for sensitive skin? Have you found the classic shave is better for your skin? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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