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“The Sardar Co” celebrates Sikh identity with release of new Punjabi song at a time of heightened fear about race-related hate crimes

The world’s first brand developed to promote the health and maintenance of uncut beard and hair is releasing a new Punjabi song to create awareness about these important aspects of religious identity for Sikhs.

“The Sardar Co” hopes their new song will give young men and women confidence to keep and maintain beautiful hair and beards, particularly when it is a mainstay of their faith, culture or tradition.

The release of the track “Dasna Ni Penda” also comes at a time of a fear in rising hate crimes against people of diverse faith who look different because they keep turbans or beards.

Recently, this has been exacerbated by the return to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan, who also tie turbans and have beards and whose image within the mainstream media has in the past led to mistaken identity and race-related attacks against Sikhs in particular.

But now the founders of “The Sardar Co” say they want to spread awareness and empower people about the importance of keeping healthy hair and the confidence this can bring them. Their efforts come in the form of a Punjabi music track that compliments their award-winning range of hair-care products.

Co-founder Manjit Singh Sohal said: “We founded Sardar Co to promote the strength of character, independence and purpose of people like us who keep our hair and beards uncut but find a lack of hair-care products out there catering for our needs. Now as we go from strength to strength, we felt it was important to find new ways of cultivating the empowerment hair-identity brings. This track is the first step we are taking to promote this ethos and identity to a wider audience.”

Co-founder Manpreet Singh Talwar said: “The image of a Sardar either gets ridiculed in Bollywood or is mistaken for Taliban. But we want people to know it is 100% one of honour and respect, and this song will help project that positive vibe worldwide. We want people to feel proud about being Sardar’s and Sardarni’s as well as give greater understanding to others about what our identity is about so they can appreciate it and respect the contribution our people make to society.”

The song has been developed in collaboration with DJ Harpz. It’s purpose is to promote Sardari, and the idea of being proud of Punjabi identity and looks. This is something that is at the core of the TSC brand and business – being proud of the fact that we are all born to stand out.

The term “Sardar”, after which the Sardar Co is named, denotes a male who maintains a strong visual identity of a turban and beard. The female turbanned equivalent is “Sardarni”. But for both the values the words stand for are about honour, respect and empowerment to do good in society.

“The Sardar Co” was launched in January 2019 and since has had a meteoric rise within the grooming business sector. TSC have since won “Best Beard Care Brand 2020/21” from Midlands Enterprise Awards, “Beard Care Retailers of the Year” from CorporateLiveWire and “Best Hair and Beard Care Brand” by LUXlife.

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