Debunking 4 Straight Razor Myths

Straight razor shaving seems to come shrouded in a little bit of mystery. Maybe you wonder how they do that? That looks crazy scary. If you are considering jumping into the waters of traditional straight razor shaving, take a look at some of these myths that can hold newbies back.

Myth One: You’re going to cut your ear off

Straight razor shaving certainly comes by this myth honestly. . . I mean, it is referred to tongue-in-cheek as cut-throat shaving. But that doesn’t mean it is a guaranteed blood bath. Despite Broadway portrayals of psychopathic, blade-wielding barbers, straight razors are not going to cut you just by flipping it open. 

Like all shaving, every blade should be treated with care. Every sharpened piece of metal – from disposal cartridge heads to well-honed knives – have the potential to cut you. Straight razors are no different. Taking your time to learn the angle and technique will give you an exceptional shave – with both ears intact.  

In fact, a meditative, intentional shave might result in LESS blood loss. Shavers can get complacent or hurried with disposable razors and end up with irritation, cuts, and redness. Straight razors ask you to be more mindful of your shave, and that’s not a bad thing.


Myth Two: Straight razor shaving is obsolete

Now, we’re not saying that there is straight razor on every block, but the art of this classic form of shaving is certainly not lost. In fact, the past few decades have seen quite a resurgence of interest in traditional ways of shaving – including straight razors. 

It is a bit ironic that the progress of technology (namely the internet) could have brought so many people back to basics.  The growth of videos, chat rooms, and blogs have led to a community of wet shaving enthusiasts who were happy to share their knowledge. So, even though your dad – or even your grandpa – might not have even picked up a straight razor, you can still learn the technique from those in the know, through your screen.

From vintage straight razors that can be restored and revitalized to the blades coming off today’s machines, you can find these tools without too much trouble. Not obsolete at all.  

Myth Three: Straight razor shaving takes forever

It doesn’t take f-o-r-e-v-e-r. It might take longer than your scrap-it-and-forget-it shower shave, but is that a bad thing? When the results and process are so much more enjoyable, you might find that it is worth it. 

There is a process to the straight razor shave – from the upkeep to the prep to the shave and some men do find this to be prohibitive. But many men find that they love the whole experience. They care for the tools that care for them; they get an exceptional shave; and they slow down in the process.

Some straight razor shavers have found that they get such a good shave that they can cut down the number of times per week that they need to shave, so they actually save time.

Myth Four: Straight razors are too expensive

Hey, we’re not going to pull any punches here. These tools are not cheap. And you are going to need to invest in a strop at the very least and perhaps whetstones/honing equipment; however, these are likely one time purchases. Depending on the quality of your investment and how you maintain them, these tools are likely to last you years – maybe even a lifetime. 

How long do you plan on having a face to shave? Think about the costs associated with replacing cartridge heads and blades. You might find yourself money ahead with a straight razor  in the long run. Our culture is quick to tout “just a dollar a day” or “less than a cup of coffee”, but that is a deceptive math. All our subscriptions and replaceable goods keep us on the hook. We can “autopay” ourselves into the poor house if we aren’t careful.  

It can be hard to lay out a wad of cash on a tool like this, but once you have it, you can enjoy it for years!


Myth Five: Straight razor shaving makes you cooler

Never mind, not a myth. Straight razor shaving is totally a flex. 

Are you a straight razor shaver? Thinking about taking the plunge? Let us know about your experience or what is holding you back in the comments below. 

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