Do Women Shave Their Face?

Ever heard of kao sori? It is a popular Japanese skincare custom of face shaving that is taking the internet by storm. The explosion of social media influencers and tik tok tutorials touting the benefits of facial shaving for women has led to an uptick in women examining this practice. Also called dermaplaning, this technique of shaving the skin on the face removes the top layer of skin including dead skin cells, surface debris, and terminal and vellus hair. Women report healthier, more radiant skin that absorbs skin care products more efficiently.

Women have long removed unwanted facial hair with waxing, plucking, and lasers. So what is so appealing about shaving? There are a few things that are making women take up the blade. First, it is pretty much painless. Unless you get really heavy-handed, there isn’t much to cause concern. Second, it is inexpensive. No appointments with a professional or costly treatments/equipment. Third, it can be done at home as frequently or infrequently as you like.

So, should you consider shaving your face? And how do you go about doing it?

Benefits of Face Shaving for Women:

  • Manually exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin cells, debris, and even diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Preps the skin to increase the absorption of topical skin care products. (So, your moisturizers, etc are more effective).
  • Softer, smoother skin
  • Smoother make-up application
  • Primes the skin for chemical peels or additional cosmetological treatments.
  • Creates a healthier, more radiant skin appearance

Risks of Face Shaving for Women:

  • Those with sensitive skin might want to think twice about dermaplaning.
  • If you are prone to irritation, bumps, or ingrown hairs it may best to skip shaving.
  • It also isn’t advised for those with acne, active eczema, or rashes.
  • Use a light hand to avoid cuts or razor burn.
  • Newly exfoliated skin is more sensitive to the sun so remember the sunscreen.


How to Shave Your Face:

1. Choose your tool. You are looking for a single, sharp blade to scrape on your skin. You can use a traditional double edge safety razor or disposable razor like what you use on your legs (just make sure it ISN’T used on your legs. Designate a razor specifically for your face. And make sure you use a light touch!) Alternatively (even preferably), a straight razor, shavette, or eyebrow razor are all good options.

Recommendation: Feather Artist Club DX Japanese Razor: This Japanese style razor lets you change the blade to make sure you always have a sharp blade AND it can be cleaned and sanitized frequently. 


2. Make sure your skin is clean and DRY. Unlike traditional wet shaving, the drier your skin the better. (If you do find dry shaving to be too irritating, try a pre-shave oil to moisturize your skin.)

Recommendation: Crown Shaving Co. Supreme Glide Pre Shave Formula This formula of herbal extracts and essential oils will prepare, repair, and take care of your skin. It is scented with a light orange aroma.


3. Pull the skin until it is taut. Place the razor at about a 45-degree angle to the skin. Move down the face (with the grain) in short strokes.

4. Start at the top of the ear and move down the jaw line. Shave the cheeks, jawline, chin, and upper lip.

5.Then move to the sides of the face near the eyes as well as the forehead. Make sure to avoid the hairline, eyelids, and sides of the nose.

6. Finish off with the neck, moving from the jawline down.

7. But, you aren’t done yet! Don’t forget that now is the perfect time to indulge your skin in a high quality moisturizer or your favorite skin care routine.


 blade + bloom Rich Cleansing Balm, First Flowers, 2oz This plant-based balm is loaded with oils and butters that moisturize and absorb quickly. Scented with essential oils of neroli and rosewood, it is a sweet, floral aroma with a hint of coriander & amber.

Ariana & Evans Japanese Rice Water Serum, Wood & Lavender  Long used in Japan and Korea, rice water is loaded with proteins, enzymes, antioxidants, and more that enhance anti-aging, skin cell regeneration, and more. Your skin will thank you. This one is scented with bergamot, lavender, Australian sandalwood, Himalayan cedar, and Mysore sandalwood for a calming aroma.

Do you shave your face? Are you a fan of dermaplaning? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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