Does a Straight Razor Shave Last Longer?

In pursuit of the long-lasting, smoothest shave you can get? We think wet shaving fits the bill;  some would argue that a straight razor shave is the best, long-lasting shave you can get. There are certainly benefits to this age-old practice, though whether you get a demonstrably longer time between shaves might be in the user’s hands. 

Does a straight razor shave last longer?

Kinda? Maybe? Arguably?  Like so much of wet shaving your mileage may vary (YMMV). If wielded correctly, you might find that you get such a close shave that you can go longer before your next battle with the battle. 

However, a straight razor doesn’t physically affect the hair so that it grows slower or stops growing. While a straight razor can be intimidating, it isn’t actually scaring the hair away. . . 

What it does do is create such a smooth, close shave that you might be able to eke out a bit more time between shaves. 

The process of a straight razor shave – from the hydrating lather formed with a brush to the sharp, single blade to the nourishing aftershave splash or balm – leaves your face so much healthier and smoother that many consider it the pinnacle of wet shaving. In addition, straight razor shaving is not a rush job. It always requires a bit more time, patience, and attention than cartridge or even DE option. But this care just leads to a better, more precise, more thorough job which in turn leads to less frequent shaves. 

So, while your hair might not be growing at a slower pace, it might feel like you get a longer time between shaves with a straight razor.    

Advantages of a Straight Razor Shave

Now, straight razor shaving might not be for everyone. There is a pretty steep initial cost in getting set up. Good straight razors are not inexpensive and you will need a strop to keep the blade aligned between shaves, and eventually, you will need whetstones for sharpening (or send it out to a hone-meister). However, once you have you set up there are very few continual costs.

Straight razor shaving is also a process. It takes a bit more time than a run-a-razor-over-your-skin shower shave. The prepping of the razor, lathering the soap, establishing the right angle, and shaving carefully all take time. Some may consider this a disadvantage, but many shavers love the methodology and appreciate slowing down and doing a good job.

  • Close, baby-butt smooth shave

The intentionality required for a straight razor shave (as well as the sharp, single blade) really makes for an exceptional shave.

  • Less irritation, redness, and ingrown hairs

Using a single sharp blade and a rich, dense, protective lather (formed by artisan soap and brush) can make a huge difference in a healthy shave.

There is so much less waste with a straight razor shave that you aren’t contributing to landfills. 

One of the most touted advantages of a straight razor shave is the unquantifiable but important feel of a straight razor shave. Many of these cut-throat shavers fall in love with the whole process. Even though it may take more time, they find that it is worth it. The control over the shave, the process of maintaining the tools, the method of stretching the skin, and plying the razor all lend themselves to a mindful, intentional practice that they love.

Bottom Line:

Straight razor shaving may not actually last longer, but it can often feel like it does. So in the end, you might find yourself going longer between shaves when you use a straight razor just because you do such an exceptional job once you get the hang of it.  

What’s your experience? Do you feel like you get more time between shaves with a straight razor? Let us know in the comments below.

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