How Do Women’s Razors Differ From Men’s Razors?

Maybe you’ve stood in the department store razor aisle recently and had to wonder “why is there a price difference between men’s razor and women’s razor”?

Here’s what they would have you believe:

  • You need to pay more for a “feminine” color
  • You need to pay more for a rounded/oval head and bigger handle arc
  • You need to pay for a conditioning strip (that likely wears off after a shave or two).

With classic wet shaving, we say “no, ya don’t”. The same tool, a simple double edge razor, can work whether you are a man or a woman. And if you DO need any of the above, well, you shouldn’t have to pay more for it. Ditch the “pink tax” and check out a simple, timeless tool: the double-edge safety razor.

For a woman wet shaver, look for a double edge safety razor with a few helpful features.

  • A longer handle is often preferred by woman shavers who need a greater reach. If you are shaving your legs, a long handle works well to stretch down to your ankles. Men often like the shorter handle for maneuverability over chin, neck, cheeks.
  • An ergonomic or non-slip grip. Men and women both may like a handle that performs well in wet environments, but women in particular tend to shave in the bath/shower and are more likely to want that feature. And since they are shaving quite a bit more area (legs, underarm, bikini, etc) a comfortable grip is important. 
  • Any color your heart desires. Pick from simple, gleaming chrome to crazy, vibrant hues. Whatever you want can be found, but you shouldn’t pay more for it because you are female. Males and females, alike, can find their preferred razor with a design that matches their mood, decor, or personality.

A few helpful tips:

  • As a classic wet shaver,  you don’t need a lubricating or conditioning strip attached to your razor. Instead, make use of the fabulous pre-shaves, shaving creams, shaving soaps, and aftershave balms that are part and parcel of this wet shaving gig. There are so many natural, nourishing ingredients that will last WAY longer than a couple of millimeters of strip.
  • Classic shavers know you don’t need multiple blades. A single sharp blade is best. It creates less irritation on your skin; it can be changed out to a fresh sharp blade easily; it is just pennies a shave instead of expensive replacement cartridges. 
  • Let the weight of the razor do the work. Practice your technique so that you get the optimal angle and then let just the pressure of the razor itself touch your skin. Don’t press down. Unlike plastic razors, the weight of a double edge safety razor works for you. No additional pressure is needed.

One of the things we love about classic wet shaving is that it is great for everyone! Man or woman, have you embraced the wet shaving game? What do you love about it? What do you look for in a razor? Let us know in the comments.

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