How Do You Choose a Double Edge Razor Blade?

Once upon a time in 2007, a new convert to wet shaving had an idea. Why not package together a variety of different double edge razor blades in small packs and sell them to new shavers so they could practice finding their perfect match? Out of a two bedroom condo in Southern California,  West Coast Shaving was born.

Since that first package went out, West Coast Shaving has been about more than just products. They are committed to educating as well. So, how do you choose the razor blade that is right for you?  Check out this quick video on our DE Blade Sample Pack, Choice.  *content of sample pack may vary slightly

Narrow Down to the Perfect Double Edge Razor Blade

Finding the perfect double edge razor blade is a bit like finding your perfect mate. It can take a few wrong turns before you get it right. To help ease you through the rocky parts of this new relationship, we suggest trying a variety of razor blades. Start with the smoothest blade (mild) and use it for 2-3 shaves. Move up the ladder of aggressiveness, trying each razor blade for a shave or two. We highly recommend that you keep a notepad and pen handy to jot down a few notes as you go. Then you won’t forget what you liked — or didn’t —  about each razor blade. (You could note irritation, closeness of the shave, post-shave feel, etc.). When you have finished one time through, consider doing it again (as you’ve likely improved in technique as well.) But if you know there is one that you don’t like, check it off the list as you continue to narrow down to your soul, ahem – blade, mate.

Try Razor Blades from Mild to Aggressive

The most popular razor blades in wet shaving (minus the Merkur which many people seem to have tried already) are in our bestselling Double Edge Razor Blade Choice sample pack. We suggest trying them in the following order.

These smooth razor blades, manufactured in Turkey, are on the mild side of the razor blade spectrum. They are stainless steel blades plated with chromium-ceramic, tungsten, & platinum. Utilizing the most advanced equipment, they are perforated, hardened, and ground for optimum edge strength and long lifespan.

With the privatization of companies throughout the Soviet Bloc after the fall of the iron curtain, Gillette acquired Astra, a blade manufacturing company. These razor blades are produced in Russia and distributed around the world. They are stainless steel coated in platinum for durability and sharpness.

This mid-level aggression razor blade is made in Israel. Although the packaging may be more blue than red depending on where they are distributed, these popular double edge razor blades are known as Red Personna blades. They are stainless steel blades with a “platinum-chrome” coating for smoothness.

These Crystal brand double edge razor blades are also made in Israel. They are a sharp, stainless steel blade with a platinum-chrome coating as well. They are moving toward the top in terms of aggression.

Feather razor blades and products have become synonymous with “sharp” in the wet shaving world. If you haven’t used one yet, they command respect. It is why we suggest trying this blade last, after you’ve honed your technique a bit. These stainless steel double edge razor blades are coated in platinum for a flexible, long-lasting, sharp edge.  

Does sharper equal better?

So, you might be wondering, isn’t sharper better? In a word, no! Sharp doesn’t actually equal smooth. Sometimes an extremely sharp blade will lead to razor burn, irritation, or general nicks & cuts. You might find that backing off the aggression actually leads to a better shave. And the best shave of your life is just what we are after!  

Buying this pack is the easiest way to find your favorite blade without paying for a bunch of blades you won’t need.

And if you really want to expand your blade knowledge, check out our other packs as well.  Our Extended and Everything Packs give you tons more hard-to-find, unique, and popular blades that we carry at West Coast Shaving.

What’s your favorite double edge razor blade? How did you meet your perfect match? Tell us in the comments below.

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