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Let me guess, you got a beard conditioner as a gift and now you are wondering how often you should use it.

It isn’t as simple as x days a week, it depends on multiple factors that are specific to the type of beard and skin that you have. Though, in general, 3 or 4 times is a pretty good start.

While it’s not totally complicated, you need to be very sure about your personal specifications so you can find the right frequency.

What is beard conditioner?

Beard conditioners are sort of a booster that helps replenish your beard’s nutrients after washing it with soap/beard wash.

It helps moisturize both your beard and the skin underneath it. Using a beard conditioner also aids in softening your beard and making it smoother.

Typically, it’s used after washing your beard either with soap and water or a beard wash. It’s a product that’s used to balance out any type of cleansing.

The harm of over-washing

I remember the first time I got a beard kit, I tried using the products every day and I regretted it. Don’t worry though, it’s a common mistake and the negative effects are easily reversible by following the right routine.

One thing that you have to remember is that the oil we produce is natural for a reason, our skin needs it for nourishment and dehydration.

Washing your beard too much and dry it out and make it flaky. Your hair would break easily and cause split ends. You may even experience dandruff.

While the same oils can clog our pores and cause acne if we have too much, it’s still important that we produce a healthy amount. And having the right routine is the key to this.

How skin type affects the frequency of usage

Some of us have more sensitive skin than others, thus may need to lower the number of days we use a certain product. On the other hand, some people would also need more products.

That’s why it’s important to test out your skin before forming a routine. And you can’t just adopt any other routine that you watched in a YouTube video, that’s meant for the person using it, not for your specific situation.

Oily skin

If you have oily skin, that means your face produces more sebum. You’d need to wash that off more than other people in order to prevent buildup. If you’re already doing 3 – 4 days, try adding a day or two.

If you can handle it daily, that’s also good. And if you’re uncertain, try gently running the tips of your fingers to your face, if you feel that it’s smooth but not oily then you’re good to go.

Dry skin

Since your skin already lacks sebum, you should use a conditioner based on a schedule. For example, you could use it every 2 days.

If it’s still too much for you, try adding one more day to the gap until your skin is satisfied. Of course, you should also control the amount you’re using along with the frequency.

Combination skin

This skin type is a combination of dry and oily skin. Usually, it’s your T-zone that’s oily while every other area of your face is dry.

For this one, you really have to feel and get to know your skin. Try applying it only when your face feels oily and then add another day to test it out.

You can also try applying more of the product to your t-zone first before reaching the dry areas. That way, the product would have more time basking in your oily areas while the dry ones will be rinsed out immediately.

How your beard length affects the frequency of usage

The more facial hair you have, the harder it is for the product to take effect and for the skin to get affected.

While beards are beards, the length and style make them different from each other, even when it comes to their needs and preferences.

Short beard

If you’re new to having a beard, it shouldn’t feel much different from being beardless. Wash and condition your beard with the same frequency as your other facial products.

Although, that only applies if the ingredients of your conditioner and beard wash are the same as the ones in your facial products.

Long beard

You really ought to be careful with beard products. Having a long beard can trap products inside of it, especially if yours is pretty thick.

Moreover, the natural oils that your face produces are important to the healthy growth of your beard. That’s why you should refrain from using too much product within a small timeframe.

Environmental factors

Your climate will also have an effect on the type of care that your beard needs. Unfortunately, there’s little to no other solution to it than to adjust.

Lucky for you, the weather application helps massively in letting you plan/set up your routine. Of course, if your weather is unpredictable, you’d have a hard time getting the most out of your routine.

Dry and hot climate

This will suck out the moisture from your skin and beard. You will need to let your face rest more to produce the needed amount of natural oils before washing/conditioning your beard again.

Humid and wet climate

In this climate, you’ll have an excess amount of natural oils. Therefore, you would need to wash your face more frequently.

Your lifestyle

It also depends on the type of job that you have. If you work in a sector that has a lot of hands-on work and leaves your face dirty then you’d need to wash and condition your hair more often.

You’d also need to up the frequency if you’re usually doing hard physical labor. And if you don’t like drinking much water, your beard will probably lack hydration and it’s up to your routine to balance that.

Your diet can also affect how frequently you use products. If you’re not getting enough nourishment for your beard, try getting more from beard products.

Are you using other products?

Perhaps you already have a pomade or even a facial moisturizer that you always use. Piling numerous products on your skin can have adverse effects.

Make sure that your skin can handle it before adding a new one. And if you really need all of them, try to distance their usage from each other so you won’t get overwhelmed.

And if you’re already using a heavy moisturizer, try to pick a product that has less of a moisturizing effect/benefit.

Benefits of using a beard conditioner

Using a conditioner is just as beneficial as a beard wash. Some people even opt to co-wash instead which is a type of routine where you would only use conditioner.

You will have a softer beard

Conditioners will make your beard softer and look like it too. Using a beard conditioner is a great way to keep your beard looking smooth and healthy.

Removes any unwanted scent

Beard conditioners, while the main goal is to moisturize, can still clean off your beard and make the unwanted smells go away.

This would only work if you’re also attentive in washing your beard and ensuring that it covers all areas of it.

Helps in removing tangles

Tangles can be both annoying and painful. Untangling multiple strands can feel like you’re ripping your beard out. If I have to untangle any more strands without the help of other beard products, I certainly will.

Since your beard will be softer, removing tangles will be a much easier process. This is especially true when you have other products that help soften your beard.

Brushing/combing your beard would be easier

By using a beard conditioner, there would be no more knots or coarse hair that would get in the way of your combing/brushing. And it’s pretty satisfying to run a comb through without receiving any friction.

Ensures that your beard will be nourished

Some conditioners pack nourishment that can help with keeping your beard healthy. So, if you’re lacking a bit of nourishment, you can try out multiple beard products for that purpose.

Mildly removes dirt and oil

While it’s not the same as a beard wash, it still removes some dirt and oil from your face. It’s certainly better to use one instead of just plain water.

And since it doesn’t cleanse as much, it’s perfect for those who want to keep their beard clean while at the same time can’t afford to lose more moisture/sebum. It’s also generally great for sensitive skin.

Is it okay to leave some conditioner in overnight?

If that’s what you feel that your beard needs then yes. Though, you should test the product out first before doing this just to be sure that it doesn’t cause any irritation.

Some conditioners are also designed to be left overnight like a mask, though those conditioners have specific labels on them. If yours doesn’t have any specification, it’s probably a rinse-out type.

If you just finished showering and applied some conditioner, you can try rinsing out only a few areas and leave some product in.


Every man’s beard is as different and unique as its owners. Along with it are their needs or proper care requirements.

Building a routine can get specific and technical real quick. You’d have to really study the type of skin and beard that you have.

While it can be quite complicated to figure out the right conditioner and routine for your beard, it’s worth the wait and effort.

Once you put in the effort to find the right fit, you’ll soon enough be enjoying a healthy, luscious, and awesome-looking beard!

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