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You have a glorious looking beard that you’ve spent ages growing and looking after but then you see some snowflake looking specs that are just ruining the look. Don’t worry here at The Sardar Co we understand the struggle! In fact, beard dandruff is more common than you know and some studies found that it can affect 50% of the overall population.

Slightly confused if you have beard dandruff? Well beard dandruff is a build up of dead skin cells, or dry skin under beard. They shed fast and therefore are quite noticeable, as a visual it looks a little bit like white snowflakes in your beard.

Right, now that you understand what beard dandruff is, the main question is how do you get rid of it?

Treatment for beard dandruff

A common cause of beard dandruff is dry beard skin. Dry skin can get worse during the colder months and cause more irritation and itchiness which leads to skin cells to shed. Therefore, in order to get rid of beard dandruff you need to keep your skin hydrated. In order to do this using a moisturiser every single day, alongside a nourishing beard oil such as our Lavender and Tea Tree Beard Oil.

The moisturiser will add back the hydration to your skin (we recommend using Clinique mens maximum hydrator activated water-gel). Our lavender & tea tree beard oil will not only add extra hydration but due to the oil containing lavender essential oil, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that help control the fungus that causes dandruff and dry beard skin.

Part of looking after your beard is ensuring your beard and skin are clean. We recommend using an exfoliant either once or twice a week to get rid of the build of dead skin cells and any other dirt. By doing this it will help encourage new cell growth, more healthy skin and better nourished beard. Only exfoliate for around 60 seconds as over exfoliation can also be harmful to your skin.

Using normal shampoo to wash your beard can actually cause dry skin especially due to most shampoos containing alcohol and sulphates which aren’t good for your skin or beard. It is important in general to check all ingredients in skin and beard products as you could potentially have sensitivity to some ingredients which could be the cause of your dry skin.

This is why we’ve created an alcohol-free and paraben free beard wash specifically for your beard:

A Beard Wash Designed to Control Beard Dandruff

Alongside our lavender & tea tree beard oil, we also have our lavender & tea tree beard wash. This again contains the same anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that will help get rid of your beard dandruff. The tea tree can in fact help to get rid of any itchiness from any dryness as well as preventing any dandruff without causing your skin to become dry.

Just like our scalp hair, beard hair also produces natural oils which are good for the nourishment and maintenance of your beard. Therefore, it is important these oils are spread across your beard rather than sitting in one place.

Using both The Sardar Co beard comb and beard brush, comb and brush your beard to distribute the oils but make sure your beard is clean and hydrated using both moisturiser and beard oil.

pouring beard oil on beard

Beat Dry Beard Skin with Some Extra Nourishment

Now if you want to be a little extra and also give yourself a pamper, use our nourishing hair oil in your beard once a week, leave the hair oil in for atleast an hour then wash it out using our beard wash. Our nourishing hair oil, which can be used on both scalp and beard, is great at preventing and eliminating dandruff due to two wonderful ingredients – flaxseed oil and grapeseed oil. Both of these ingredients help combat hair issues such as hair loss and of course dandruff.

We recommend try to follow the following routine below:

  1. Wash both your face and beard daily with a cleanser. Use an exfoliant once/twice a week to help remove dead skin cells.
  2. Wash your beard with our lavender & tea tree beard wash either twice a week or as needed.
  3. Dry your face with a towel using patting motions rather than rubbing
  4. Use a moisturiser followed by our lavender and tea tree beard oil to hydrate your skin and beard
  5. Brush and comb through your beard to distribute any oils using The Sardar Co beard brush and beard comb
  6. Keep repeating to see amazing results.

This may seem like a lot of maintenance so far, but once you get into a consistent routine the results will follow.

We will conquer beard dandruff once and for all!

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