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You want to grow your beard and you’ve purchased our Beard Growth Kit (or are about to) but you have no clue on how to use it!

Don’t worry, that’s where I come in to help you to not only figure out how to use our beard growth kit but to also achieve the perfect beard.


Our beard growth kit contains: A beard roller, beard brush, lavender tea tree beard growth oil, lavender tea tree beard wash.

Step 1 – Wash your beard.

Wash your beard using the lavender and tea tree beard wash. Firstly, wet your beard with some water and add a small amount of beard wash into the palms of your hands, making sure your hands are also wet (add more if you have a thicker beard). Rub your palms together so the beard wash lathers slightly and apply to your beard.

Tip: To get the best lather keep adding a bit of water

Step 2 – Use the beard roller.

After washing your beard, pat it dry. Next, we are going to use the beard roller. Generally, as a rule of thumb, we suggest that you roll in each direction 10 times. Try not to put a lot of pressure when you roll over your skin to avoid sore irritation. Roll 10 times crossways, left, right, and down on your neck area.

To find more information about beard rollers check out the following blog post – How to use a beard roller

Tip: Avoid rolling over areas that have acne or are sensitive.

Step 3 – Rub in the oil.

Now your skin might feel slightly irritated or dry, to fix that we are going to use the lavender beard growth oil. Pump 2 to 3 drops of the oil into the palm of your hands. Rub both hands together to warm up the oil slightly, then apply this to your beard.

Tip: If your skin is quite sensitive instead of rubbing the oil., we suggest patting it in

Step 4 – Use the beard brush.

To get the perfectly shaped beard using our natural beard brush. Glide this through your beard lightly to distribute the beard oil and get a smooth beard.

The Sardar Co Beard Brush

How will the beard growth kit help my hair grow?

They will help revive and stimulate your hair follicles therefore, encouraging your hair to grow. According to studies, Lavender is effective in helping with conditions such as baldness and alopecia, making the hair grow faster and thicker.

Will this help with my dandruff?

Yes, it will! Lavender has antimicrobial properties making it great at resolving issues such as dandruff and any other infections.

How do I clean my beard roller?

The easiest way to clean your beard roller is to get rubbing alcohol and to pour this into a cup or bowl. Submerge the beard roller head into the alcohol for 3 to 5 minutes. Take it out and leave it to dry for at least 10 minutes.

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