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Maybe you’re growing a mustache for Movember and you need to know what to do with it. Or maybe you’re looking for a new way to style your preexisting ‘stache. Either way, we’ve got you covered with our Mustache Styling Guide.

Express yourself with your lip rug or change things up a bit and try a new mustache style.

Mustache Styles:

  • The Chevron is a thick wide mustache that usually covers the top of the upper lip and points downward. This iconic ‘stache was exemplified by Tom Sellack, aka Magnum P.I.

  • The Fu Manchu style (similar to the horseshoe, albeit with longer ends) is a mustache whose ends grow down past the jawline creating a horseshoe effect. For those of a certain age, Hulk Hogan’s epic ‘stache fits in this category or almost any character in a kung-foo movie.
  • The Pencil is a thin mustache that is cut close to the upper lip and is often referred to as a “mouthbrow.” Rhett Butler wooed Scarlett O’Hara with such a classic ‘stache.
  • The Handlebar is a thick mustache that must be long enough to be curled up toward the ends. Famous cowboys tend to wear this. From Yosemite Sam to Sam Elliot, you can find gunslingers with this hirsute style.
  • The Dali, named after artist Salvador Dali, is a thin mustache with long points. This style combines the finer points of the Pencil with the gravity-defying nature of the Handlebar. Obviously, Dali made this one famous. 
  • The Toothbrush is a short thick mustache about an inch wide. The title is pretty descriptive as you can imagine just placing toothbrush bristles above your upper lip. This one is probably most associated with Hitler, but if you are looking for a more positive role model, it can also be found on Charlie Chaplin. 
  • The English is thin, divided in the middle, and has long pointed whiskers. The areas beyond the mouth are shaved. It is thicker than the pencil, but still a thinner ‘stache. It often has waxed points, but they aren’t gravity-defying like the Dali.
  • The Walrus is bushy and long, hanging down below the top lip and sometimes covering the bottom lip. We’ve already mentioned Sam Elliot for his handlebar but he often boasts the Walrus as well. Albert Einstein and Ron Swanson also rock a pretty good Walrus. 

What’s your favorite style of mustache? What are some that we are missing? Are you rocking a new mustache style this Movember? Tell us in the comments below. 

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