Traveling with Your Wet Shaving Supplies

Now that you’ve fallen in love with wet shaving, you can’t go back. So, how do you take your shaving den on-the-go? A little bit of planning and a pinch of ingenuity will make your trip a breeze.


Traveling with Razor & Blade

How to travel with your safety razor and blades is probably the biggest question you will face. Can you take your tools through security checkpoints? Metal detectors? Checked or carry-on baggage?

  • By air
  • If you are checking your baggage, then this is a simple answer. Yes, you can pack both your razor and blades in a suitcase that is checked under the plane. A straight razor can also be packed in checked luggage.

    However, if you are just taking a quick trip that necessitates a carry-on only bag, unfortunately different rules apply. You can still take your safety razor in your carry-on bag, but any razor blades or straight razor will not be allowed.  They must be transported in checked-baggage or purchased when you arrive.

    (Pro tip: If your length of stay necessitates it, have some razor blades sent to your hotel/resort before your arrival.) 

  • By land
  • If you are traveling overland, by car or train, you will generally have no trouble transporting your razor and blades to your next destination. However, you might want to invest in a leather razor case. This will help to prevent your razor from knocking around in your bag.

    It is also wise to remove the blade from the razor for travel. A loaded blade can cut the leather if it is in a case or nick anything else it is packed with, like clothes, soaps, etc. Pack a box of fresh blades or even store one or two in the case (as some have a place for them).

  • By sea
  • Taking a cruise? Some ship lines do put restrictions on allowable items. And blades are sometimes restricted. (Most lines require guests to have luggage scanned by metal detectors). However, the consensus of most cruising wet shavers is that a blade brought for the express purpose of shaving, doesn’t seem to pose much of a concern. You should check with your cruise line before you embark. Better safe than sorry,

    Traveling with a Shaving Brush

  • By air / By land / By sea
  • There are no restrictions on traveling with a shaving brush. However, in order to make your travel easier and cleaner, you might want to consider investing in a travel brush or a shaving brush with some of these features.

    • First, consider the size. A brush that has a smaller footprint so it doesn’t take up too much space is important if you are trying to pack light. (And who isn’t, amirite?)
    • Second, consider a synthetic fiber. Synthetic hair is generally quicker to dry and less likely to get funky if you have to stash them in your bag for a quick departure (without drying it first). 
    • Lastly, some travel brushes will have a way to protect the head of the brush to prevent damage and broken strands. Or you can invest in a separate case to hold the brush. 



    Traveling with Shaving Soap/Cream

  • By air
  • Well, shaving friends, this question is stickier than we would like. The TSA website approves soaps in both carry on and checked bags, if it is solid. Of course, there is also a note right below it that states the final decision rests with the TSA officer so. . . beware. But you probably don’t want to risk a $20 dollar tub of soap.   

    The safest bet is to pack all shaving soaps and creams in your checked baggage. That being said, if you are only packing a carry-on bag, make sure that you have less than 3.4 oz and it can fit and be screened with your liquids. If you aren’t sure if it is considered a liquid, follow the TSA guidelines.  According to the TSA, “If you can spill it, spray it, spread it, pump it or pour it, then it is considered a liquid, gel or aerosol.” 

    If your cream is soft enough to spread, it might be in danger in your carry-on unless you include it with your liquids. A tube of shaving cream (less than 3.4oz/100ml) is also an excellent choice for travel since they are usually smaller, waterproof, and secure with a lid.  

  • By land / By sea
  • Traveling with shaving soap or cream, like any other toiletry item, means being aware of leakage and size. You don’t want to have a wet puck that has to be quickly packed and possibly ruined or leaking all over your suitcase. Consider cutting or pressing soap or cream into a smaller container for a trip. 

    You can get an empty aluminum tin or empty twist-up shaving stick container that you can load with your favorite lathering product in a smaller amount. The lid helps to prevent spills and protects all the items in your suitcase. 

    (Pro-tip: Keep some of those shaving soap and shaving cream samples for traveling.)

    Traveling with Aftershave

  • By air
  • Again, aftershave is fine to pack in your checked baggage in whatever size you desire. The trouble can come if you are trying to travel with only carry-on luggage. For carry-on items, remember the 3-1-1 rule of liquids for the TSA. 3 – 3.4oz container of any gel, liquid, or aerosol. 1 – 1 quart sized bag. 1 – 1 bag/passenger. 

    If your aftershave bottle is larger than 3.4oz, it will need to be checked. Likewise, most balms will be restricted by the liquids’ rule as well. So, invest in a smaller size or be prepared to check it. 

    (Pro-tip: All West Coast Shaving aftershaves are 100ml so they meet TSA requirements or you could get a sample pack of aftershaves which are great for travel.) 

  • By land / By sea
  • The only restrictions on aftershaves when you are traveling by car, train, or boat will likely be self-imposed (i.e. how much do you want to pack/carry/schlep around). 

    Make sure your aftershaves and balms have tight seals and use a toiletry bag or air tight bag if you are concerned with leaks. There is nothing worse than finally getting to your destination and discovering that something has spilled in your suitcase and everything has to be taken out and cleaned. 

    Packed bag and hat on bed ready for travel

    How do you travel with your wet shaving arsenal? Any pro-tips to share with others? Any places you’ve run into issues? Let us know in the comments below. 


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