Wet Shaving on a Budget from West Coast Shaving

We often tout one of the advantages of wet shaving is that it is easy on your wallet. And that is true, even though there is still a bit of an initial outlay of cash. Don’t be discouraged however! 

Just because you don’t have a lot to spend, does not mean you can’t get a great shave. Here are some of our favorite, most popular items that get you in the wet shaving game without breaking the bank. 

West Coast Shaving has many high quality products specifically priced to bring wet shaving to the masses – regardless of their paycheck. 

Safety Razors for under $35

  • WCS Classic Collection, Midnight Collection. And Natural Collection Safety Razors: If you are looking for an affordable safety razor then look no further than our West Coast Shaving branded razors. For around $30 (and often less), you can choose a handle in stainless steel, black, or wood grain along with an open or closed comb head. This is a great way to get started. Or check out our Titanium or Vintage collections.

Shaving Brushes for under $35

  • WCS Tortoiseshell Torch Shaving Brush, Pure Badger: Thanks to West Coast Shaving, you can even get a natural badger hair brush for your shaving pleasure. This natural animal hair is particularly good at whipping up a dreamy, creamy lather. Try this brush from West Coast Shaving at less than $35.
  • WCS Beacon Black Synthetic Shaving Brush, Black: If a synthetic brush is more your style, then check out our Beacon brush. This all black brush makes a dramatic statement, lathers like a dream, and travels well too. There’s a lot to like at under $45.

Shaving Soap or Cream for under $25

  • WCS Duck Fat Shaving Soap, Pea-Brrr Shoppe: This has become one of our most popular scents after peer-reviewing and testing. The shaving soap lathers up a fabulous, dense, rich, protective lubricant for your shave.
  • WCS Jojoba Shaving Cream, Chypre: Whip up this rich, dense shaving cream with the nourishing power of jojoba oil. Vegan based and easy to whip, this shaving cream will make you fall in love with its this citrus-resin scent as well. 

Razor Blades for under $10

  • DE Blade Sampler Pack, Economy: We’re gonna shout out to our sample packs here. WCS launched out of a condo in CA with our founders who put together sample packs for new-to-wet-shaving customers to try out some of the most popular blades. Finding a blade can be a learning curve so a convenient, all-in-one pack allows you to try them side-by-side and pick the one that works for you.

What are some of your favorite budget-friendly wet shaving finds? How do you wet shave “on a budget”? Let us know in the comments. 


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