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We can all agree, searching for the best male grooming product is easier said than done. With a large variety of products all claiming to enhance your masculinity, help you attract the ladies and of course make you look young forever (can we really stop aging), it can get confusing. The question is what makes a product the best in the game for beard grooming?

It should be natural and real. At The Sardar Co we like to highlight the production aspect, our products have been combined with the finest quality of natural ingredients that have all been researched and tested. Apart from this, our unique features include vegan-friendly, paraben and alcohol-free, no animal testing, and a long-lasting scent. 

A nourishing beard oil

Maintaining a beard can be a hectic task when you can’t find the right products to use. One of our essential grooming products is a beard oil – it can stimulate beard growth and make your beard feel well nourished, providing softness and smoothness simultaneously.

Do you have itchy, dry skin? Then this product was made for you! One of the most significant benefits of applying beard oil is preventing and easing itchy skin and dryness. Our lavender and tea tree beard growth oil is a great bet if you are looking for relaxation and healing properties all in one place. Not only that but it’s great in tackling beard dandruff.

Some of the best beard oils available at The Sardar Co,

A soft beard brush

Unlike your head hair, beard hair is quite different in texture, and so is the caring approach. Our beard brush is made out of natural ingredients like dark sandalwood, which is great for detangling and styling. Made with fine bristles and infused with essential oil of sandalwood, the comb releases an aromatic scent, while combing is on. A beard brush is the essential part of a beard grooming care kit for a perfected beard.

A beard balm for a long-lasting look

Let’s just get the confession out there…we have all used various hair sprays and hair gels to style our beard. Majority of which contain toxic ingredients that are irritating and harmful for our skin and hair follicles.

The Sardar Co beard balm is a great alternative as it contains natural ingredients that are good for your skin. Our beard balm is designed to style your beard to its desired harshness Secondly, our beard balm made has a long-lasting aroma of sandalwood and bergamot sweet orange providing enduring freshness and perfection. The rich ingredients like piper nigrum and cera alba provide a vibrant fragrance and ever-long freshness. We recommend starting out with our original blend beard balm, it’s the perfect choice for your everyday grooming needs. 

Cleanse your beard with a beard wash

Cleansing your beard is important not only for your skin but your hair (plus no one likes a dirty beard). To protect your beard from dirt and infection, you should wash your beard using our beard wash which has been formulated with non-harmful, natural ingredients. Now I know you’re thinking, why can’t I just wash my beard with regular shampoo? The reason being is that a shampoo contains chemicals solely made for your scalp, the intensity of these ingredients can be harmful on the skin especially.

While selecting beard wash, consider these factors to get better results:

  • Skin-friendly ingredients
  • Paraben and Sulphate free
  • Suitable to all skin types
  • Does not cause harm to your hair or skin

If you have a rough or dry beard, some of the best beard wash to check out are lavender and tea tree based wash, Original Blend Beard Wash, and Cedarwood Lime Beard Wash.


Keeping the beard game on is tough yet all worth it! That’s why at The Sardar co, you have an immense number of products related to beard care.

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