What’s Included in a Wet Shaving Kit?

Some people love the thrill of the hunt. They dive into research, read all the blogs, examine the best sellers, and craft a set of favorite products. But ain’t hardly anybody got time for that! So, another excellent way to jump into this wet shaving gig is the curated shaving kit. Some brands create kits with a coordinating design element or matching tools. Sometimes companies will put together shaving kits that you can build yourself or kits that contain their best selling products. 

So if you want to go this route, what do you look for in a wet shaving kit?

In contrast to the “modern” shave that boasts multiple-blade cartridge razors and canned shaving foam, the classic wet shave uses a number of tools to create the perfect shave.  

A Basic Wet Shaving Kit

Most wet shaving kits will contain the following tools to complete a BBS (baby butt smooth) shave. 

  • Razor – This tool is a necessary component of a wet shave. Commonly a DE (double-edge) safety razor but it could be a straight razor or shavette as well. The safety razor consists of a handle and head that holds a thin blade with two sharpened sides (hence double-edge). These razors can be one, two, or three pieces with open, closed, or slant blade alignment. Butterfly razors are one piece razors that rely on a twisting pivot to open the doors at the head for blade replacement. Two or three piece razors unscrew and separate to change the blades. Closed and open comb razors vary in how much blade is exposed to the skin. Straight razors are one piece razors with a hinged handle that require stropping and honing to keep it sharp. 


  • Shaving Brush – Another novel tool for the wet shave is a shaving brush. This necessary to obtain a dense, rich lather on a shaving soap. The brush serves a number of purposes. While it helps to whip up a lather by adding air and water, it also exfoliates the skin and lifts the hair to prepare it for the blade. 

  • Shaving Soap/cream – A specially formulated shaving soap or cream is also a vital ingredient in a wet shave. These products are crafted to provide a lubricating, protective lather that allows the blade to glide across the skin. The lather they produce are also long-lasting to provide time for multiple passes of the blade. Finally, these soaps are often infused with nourishing ingredients to benefit the just-shaved skin.
  • Razor Blades – Finding the perfect blade, might just be the most personal part of a classic wet shave. Different razor blades work differently for different shavers based on their hair growth/texture, length, and shaving frequency. Sample packs are often a great way to narrow down the razor blade that works best for YOU. Many shaving kits will include a pack of a bestselling blade or a sample pack of best sellers. 

A Luxury Wet Shaving Kit

While you can get all the aspects of a classic shave with a basic kit, there are a few other items that can enhance your routine that are frequently found in up-graded shaving kits.

  • Shaving Stand – Getting a stand for your brush and/or razor is an investment in caring for your tools. A shaving stand allows your brush and razor to dry completely between uses which can contribute to their longevity. While water is a necessary component in “wet” shaving, keeping your tools dry is paradoxical practice.
  • Shaving Bowl/mug – If you really fall in love with lathering, you will probably enjoy a bowl/mug or even a scuttle. All of these items can help you whip up a frothy, dense lather without wasting soap or cream. After loading your brush with your favorite product, you can develop your lather in another receptacle. One advantage is that warming a ceramic shaving bowl or mug can keep your lather warm throughout your shave. Some even sport brush holders and the like for when you need your hands for multiple passes. And with the multitude of colors, shapes, and materials, you can find one to accent your bathroom decor.
  • After Shave splash or balm – Add an after shave product to take your shave to the next level. These products can soothe, tighten, and tone. Many times you can find a scent to match your shaving soap or cream. Or just choose a classic aroma like sandalwood, citrus, or a surprisingly traditional rose.

Getting off to a great wet shaving start is as easy as pressing “go” on a wet shaving kit. Check out our kits at West Coast Shaving. What are you shaving with? Are you a kit lover? What would be an absolute must in your kit? Tell us in the comments below


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