Whiskers Shaven. . . Now What? Post Shave Tips

After The Shave

Every classic wet shaver has ‘after the shave’ products on hand to treat any shaving nicks, nourish the skin, and smell great!

After a great shave it’s important to dab the skin dry with a nice clean towel. We carry fantastic a barber shaving towel that is the ideal shape for that perfect shave routine.

Shaving removes the dead skin cells, so after care is important and will vary based on skin needs. It may also vary depending on the time of year and climate. There are a number of common options for aftershave skin care.

Aftershave Splashes & Balms

Aftershaves typically carry a nice scent, but it is often lighter than a cologne and will not stick around all day. They are most often shaken into the hands, rubbed into palm, and applied with both hands directly to the face. These tonics will not only cleanse, but will also tighten and sooth your skin. Many aftershaves contain alcohol, which is cooling and feels great to some men.

On a hot day or after a hot shower and shave there is nothing that feels better! But be warned – if the skin is very sensitive or raw, these splashes containing alcohol can also cause burning. If skin is oily, yet sensitive, it is best to find a splash without alcohol. It is important to understand your skin’s needs and adjust your products accordingly.

There is oftentimes confusion when it come to the terms used. We like to keep it simple and refer to aftershave as splashes, meaning they are clear in color. However, many European brands will refer to a splash or clear product as a “lotion” when in fact they are clear.

Aftershave balms are also lightly scented and can vary in consistency from a thin creamy lotion, to more of a gel-type product. They are referred to as “creams, lotions, skin food, milk, emulsion or balms.”

Aftershave balms are ideal for adding moisture and soothing the skin. It is recommended that you apply the product to fingertips and rub into the skin in a circular motion. A little product usually goes a long way. This is also ideal in those cold winter months to help keep the skin moisturized. Skin food and gels tend to make the skin feel tighter but moisturized as well.

Alum Blocks & Nick Sticks

Another unique category and product is also an Alum Block or Alum Stick. These products are made out of potassium. Historically, they have been used for centuries by splashing water on the skin and then rubbing it with a block or stick to tone, tighten, and soothe any irritation. The skin is left feeling refreshed. Additionally, it will help to stop any minor bleeding of small nicks. These products can also be used as deodorant. They have grown in popularity among shaving enthusiasts.

As all men do at some point, you might find yourself in need of a nick stick. We are going to shoot straight with you and let you know this does not feel good and burns like crazy, but it basically stops the bleeding immediately and will help you from leaving the house with toilet paper on your chin. They come in a variety of forms from a roll-on, gel, chalky stick, match, and even a powder.


If you want to impress your friends all day long with longer lasting scent you may want to add a cologne. Although some aftershaves do last throughout the day, it is quite dependent upon the person and amount used. Fragrance strength ranges highest to lowest concentration in this order: perfume, eau de parfume, eau de toilette, and eau de cologne. It is important to keep this order in mind when deciding what product will best suit you. It is not critical that your cologne be the same brand or even scent as the aftershave used, but it is important that the scents blend well.


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