Why Choose a Straight Razor for Shaving

Opinions on the “best” way to shave can be argued for days by knowledgeable shavers on all sides, but sometimes, you want to know some reasons for the different shaving techniques. If you’ve ever looked at a straight razor and wondered “why”? Let us tell you a bit about why many aficionados choose that hunk of sharpened steel.  

We won’t claim this is an exhaustive or definitive list, or even that others might argue persuasively against some of these points; however, here are a few reasons why many shavers choose the “cut-throat” way.

Straight Razor for the Cleanest shave

Straight razor wielders will point out that a straight razor is really the cleanest way to shave. There is no safety bar, top cap, head, or lubricating strip to get gunked up with shaving cream, shave soap, dead skin, or tiny hairs. A quick rinse between passes cleans off the blade completely, so that you don’t transfer any of that back to your face where it might infect microscopic cuts or nick.

Many of these blades can also be disinfected for an extra layer of precaution. Just make sure that you check what the scales can handle as they might not be as “sanitizable”. You can ensure a clean, bacteria-free shave with a cut-throat razor.

Straight Razor for the Closest shave

Those who love this age-old custom of shaving will argue that it gives the closest possible shave with the most amount of control. Because of the length, width and grind of the blade (as well as the stropping and honing involved), each shaver can hone in (no pun intended) on the perfect shave for his or her technique, skin type, and frequency of shave. 

The long blade effectively and efficiently covers more skin per pass to reduce irritation and mow down hair quickly. Many straight razors (particularly carbon steel ones) provide audible feedback that you are cutting those hairs. Straight razor shavers claim you get the most control with the razor because you are controlling so many of the variables like blade angle and pressure.

Straight Razor for the Coolest shave

Seriously. Straight razor shaving has a major wow factor. It is really quite satisfying to learn this art of the shave. From the honing and stropping to the actual shave, you get to expand your knowledge and skill base. 

The tools themselves are also lovely. Etched blades and elaborate scales are common as are sleek, black, minimalist choices, so you can find one that resonates with your shaving soul. You can invest in a razor that will last a lifetime so why not get one that makes you happy. 

Straight Razor for the Environmentally-friendliest shave

Using a straight razor really is a great way to embrace reduce, reuse, recycle. The tool for straight razor shaving isn’t inexpensive, but it is usually a one-time purchase. Once you have your razor, there isn’t any waste. You learn to maintain it, rather than throw it. Some straight razors have even been passed along through the generations.

In addition to the low waste razor, the other tools that come along with a classic wet shave are also designed to be friendly to mother earth. Organic soaps and creams in reusable tubs, recyclable glass bottles and refillable pucks, long-lasting triple milled bars with locally sourced ingredients from small artisan soap makers, all speak to the ethic of intentionality from this community. 


But we would love to hear from other straight razor fans! What drew you to the cutthroat way? Why do you keep choosing it? Let us know in the comments below.

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