Why Should You Start Wet Shaving?

Whether you are eighteen or eighty, male or female, daily shaver or infrequent wielder, if you shave, you can benefit from the wonders of wet shaving. Yep, there really is a great reason to start wet shaving, namely, your skin will thank you. 

That’s right. Wet shaving has so many advantages but we think the most important and life-enhancing benefit is that it is just better for your skin. 

While Wet Shaving is good for. . .

  • Your budget.
  • It’s simple. Using a durable razor that lasts and simply replacing the inexpensive double blades is much less costly (pennies per shave, really) than buying cartridge heads or disposable razors. Shaving soaps and creams might cost more initially than a can of foam, but in the long run they last much longer and whip up a frothy lather using much less product. 

  • The environment.
  • This old-school approach to shaving is also beneficial to the environment. There is less waste since you reuse the razor and only toss the old blade (which is small and often recyclable). In addition, the shaving soaps and creams are often hand-made with natural ingredients, a win for you and the environment.

  • Your mental health.
  • The intangible benefits are worth it too. Many who have ditched the cartridge find the process of slowing down and honing their technique to be a huge win. A daily chore is a chore no longer. Shavers look forward to the process of prepping, lathering, and getting a close shave.


    But arguably the biggest benefit is that Wet Shaving is best for. . .

  • Your skin.
  • In spite of ad campaigns touting the advantages of multiple blades for a close shave and lubricating strips to protect your skin, there is a sinister underbelly to the design of modern cartridge razors.

    Ever hear of hysteresis? The idea behind this phenomenon is that consequences of an input sometimes experience a certain amount of lag time or delay. So how does it apply to wet shaving and your skin? Simple, the modern multi-bladed cartridge razor uses an “input” that might initially result in a smooth shave but the lagging consequence is irritation due to damaging mechanics. 

    Why Wet Shaving is Better for Your Skin

    When you run a razor along your skin, the blade encounters the hair, pulls up on it, and cuts it. Now, if it stopped there things would be just fine, but if you are plying a multi-bladed cartridge razor (whether it boasts 2, 3, 4, or more blades) things get snarly. Before that hair has a chance to fall back to the skin, another blade comes along with a tug and cut. Now that hair continues to be lifted and cut by each subsequent blade. The result is that the hair is cut so short it falls below the surface of the skin. The initial consequence might be the smooth feeling of a close shave. However, the lagging consequence is that the hair becomes “ingrown”, biting into the skin and leading to bumps, redness, and irritation.

    With wet shaving, you use one blade so there is less tugging and less friction. You can also easily and inexpensively use a fresh blade whenever you need it. This can cut down on germs and gunk. Double edge safety razors are also easily disassembled so you can keep it clean. This leads to less infection and irritation as well.

    Also, a wet shaving encourages the production of a rich, lubricating, lather whipped up with a shaving brush. These products are often filled with skin-nourishing goodness and provide plenty more protection than aerosol foam which is largely air. So, more good outcomes for your skin.

    All these things make wet shaving a great idea for those who struggle with sensitive skin.

    Not just cool, not just cost effective, not just a good shave.  IT IS BETTER FOR YOUR SKIN.

    Why did you switch? What is holding you back? Let us know in the comments below.

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