Why Would Women Use Shaving Cream?

So, why shaving cream for women? Maybe you’ve been a shower shaver for years. Maybe all you know is a cartridge razor, some suds, and the inevitable razor burn. Believe it or not, traditional shavers knew a few things that women might have forgotten along the way. Namely, lubrication. 

Using a specially formulated shaving cream (or soap) can revolutionize a women’s shave. There is a reason for these rich, dense lathers that wet shavers rave about – and it ain’t just for your face. Shaving your legs, underarms, and private bikini area can all benefit from shaving cream for women.

  • Preparing the skin and hair
  • Lathering a shaving cream and applying it to your skin helps to soften,  plump, and raise the hairs which makes them easier to mow down. It also exfoliates the skin for an added benefit. If you are focusing on an especially sensitive area, like the bikini zone, then you will especially appreciate the help of a women’s shaving cream to lift the hairs and prep them for the blade.

  • Lubrication and protection

    Arguably the biggest benefit of shaving cream for women is how it allows the blade to glide along your skin. The ingredients in these wet shaving products create a layer of goodness that protects your skin from the blade. In fact, with a good shaving cream, you may never see any bubbles when you whip up a lather, but that’s a good thing. Suds are mostly air and that doesn’t provide protection – you need a dense, creamy barrier between the blade and your skin. This will help to prevent razor burn, irritation, and nicks. And who doesn’t want all the help you can get to prevent misery on underarms and your bikini area. 

  • Skin-care and nourishing
  • Unlike drying soaps and chemical-laden body washes, artisan shaving creams are loaded with ingredients that combat drying and nourish your skin post-shave. Oils, extracts, butters, and more are natural ways to soothe and hydrate your skin. If you’ve experienced the discomfort of dry, irritated skin under your arms or at your bikini line, then you can appreciate the skin care that a women’s shaving cream can give.

    Recommended Shaving Creams for Women:


    WCS Jojoba Shaving Cream – You will love this recipe from Chris Cullen of Catie’s Bubbles. It whips up a creamy, dreamy lather that protects and nourishes. Try the fougere scent for a clean, green aroma that is great for everyday. Or grab a sample pack of our shaving creams in a variety of scents. 

    Ok lady wet shavers, tell us why you use shaving cream… and let us know which ones you prefer! We love to learn from our customers. Tell us your women’s shaving cream favorites in the comments below!

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