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The turban tradition has been passed on from generations and is strongly surviving the 21st century.

When the turban complements the wearer’s outfit, it elevates his/her appearance, adding grace and poise. For many, the turban represents personal and religious values. But simply by being aware of how well your turban pairs with your sense of style and personality, you can command the attention of the crowd and be viewed as a person of character.

Whether you wear a Sikh turban, an Arab turban, or an Afro turban, you would have faced the dilemma of pairing the right turban with the right outfit. At The Sardar Co, we’re all about giving you access to premium turbans made with the best quality material for every occasion and season. Here’s our guide to matching your turban with your outfit:

There are four factors that determine which turban is the right one for the right time:

  • Your OOTD (Outfit of the day)
  • The Season
  • The Weather
  • The Occasion

These are co-dependant and you need to take each of them into consideration. The pairing must make you feel confident and comfortable.


Basic guide to Colour Matching

Turban colour matching is fun but can get tricky. Mostly because you rarely have closely colour matched outfits with turbans. Your best bet in terms of colour co-ordination would be to create contrast. Nevertheless, there are a million different ways you can colour play with your turban. Here are a few basic rules of colour matching that never fail:

  • Bright colours with neutral shades
    A bright lively turban colour paired with a neutral outfit is always the perfect combination. It attracts positive attention and can be your go-to choice if you’re running late.
  • The Staples
    Black and White are two colours that go well with any outfit. They can be your staples when you want to play safe, especially during important occasions.
  • Accessory Match
    Wearing a turban colour that matches one specific accessory like your tie, brooch, waist coat, or pocket square is another smart way to colour match.
  • Single colour outfit
    Its easy if your whole outfit is a single colour since you can match it with a contrasting turban colour. This works well for outfits like suits and gowns.
  • Pastels
    Pastel shades are popular choices for turbans because they exude a soothing effect during summertime. Pastels are also easy to match with your outfits and make you look approachable and enthusiastic. Match Pastel shades like Beige, Peach, Cream, and Lavender with neutral shades in your outfit. Another way to rock pastel turbans is to pair it with florals and prints in your outfit.


sikh turban with matching outfits

Picking the right turban material

To be perfectly comfortable and to feel like royalty in your turban, its important to have the right material; something you are comfortable wearing and suits your style.

Thus far, you have settled for available material for your turban or relied on gifts praying for good quality cloth not quite knowing what you want. But with this guide, choosing the material you want will become straightforward:

  • Soft and Thick: If you want a turban that feels soft but thick and strong, Rubia fabric is the right pick for you. This is the right material when its winter or if you are travelling to a cold region.
  • Best of Both: If you prefer something a bit lighter, you can choose between the Rubia Voile and Full Voile. These are light materials, feel soft to the touch, and are most sought-after turban materials.
  • Super light and Breezy: If you are looking for a breezy fabric that is comfortable to wear especially in the scorching heat. F47 (also known as Mal Mal) is the ideal fabric for all those summer parties.


Colour Matching for the Season

Every season has its own mood and colours best reflect the time of year. Think of Spring/Summer, and you can choose from sunny, vibrant bold colours for your turban. Mustard, Baby Blue, Bay Leaf Green are a few ideal colours for Spring.

When the cold kicks in, you need turbans that radiate energy and make you come alive in the dreary months. Maroon, Rusty Blue, and Steel Grey are a few excellent turban colour choices for the Autumn/Winter Season.



That was our guide to matching your turban colour with your outfit. The Sardar Co has a collection of premium turbans in a myriad of colours curated for every occasion and season. Browse through our collection and get turban matching right every time.

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