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Finding and stocking great straight razors is not an easy gig. These tools of yesteryear are gaining traction today, but keeping up with the demand is. . .  well, demanding. They are handcrafted works of art that can be hard to keep in stock.

We work with well-known brands such as Dovo & Boker but we also source our own branded WCS razors. All of these can disappear fast. If you have your eye on something be sure to pop over to the product page and get your name on the email list for when we get them back in stock.


Here are West Coast Shaving’s Best Selling Straight Razors 

West Coast Shaving Straight Razors 

Check out our own branded straight razors from the Solingen region of Germany. 

WCS Horn Straight Razor, 5/8 Carbon Steel – With a ⅝” blade, this is perfect for general hair growth removal. The horn type scales are a classic grooming design move. 

WCS Straight Razor, Red Tortoise Shell – If you want to change things up a bit, check out these unusual red tortoise shell scales. A bit of a twist on a classic material.

WCS Straight Razor, Basic Black – You can’t go wrong with basic black. This offering is a classic best-seller.

WCS Ebony Wood Straight Razor, 5/8 Carbon Steel – Take your basic black up a notch with this razor. Ebony wood adds a touch of class to your shaving game.

Dovo & Boker Straight Razors

Both of these well-known blade-making brands have been making straight razors for generations. 

Dovo Forestal 5/8″ Red Wood Straight Razor – This beautiful classic tool boasts a ⅝” full, hollow carbon steel blade with lovely gold etching and elegant red wood scales. Truly a work of art and function.

Dovo Diamant 5/8″ Straight Razor with Black Blade – This eye-catching blade will be the talk of your countertop. A ⅝” full, hollow carbon steel blade in striking black with gold etching is paired with a blonde ebony wood handle. A study in contrasts.

Dovo “Bismarck” Straight Razor, Pearl Acrylic, 6/8″This classic design is a faithful recreation of a popular model from time gone by. With a 6/8” full hollow blade with gold etching and a mother-of-pearl handle, you can shave in style. Bright, clean, Bismarck.

Dovo 6/8″ Straight Razor with Black HandleThis is an elegantly simple, entry level razor. At 6/8″ half hollow grind blade (etched with the Col. Conk logo), it is great for experienced wet shavers as well. The simple black acrylic scales will wear well. Efficient and reliable.

Dovo “Astrale” Ebony 5/8 Straight Razor – Meticulous, specialized, handcrafted, this blade from Dovo hits all the right marks. A ⅝” half hollow, high carbon steel blade, this is fantastic for general beard growth removal. And with the lovely ebony scales and gold etching, it is truly a masterpiece of workmanship. Elegant and enduring. 

Boker Elite Carbon 3.0 Straight Razor Tradition meets the modern age in this straight razor from Boker. A 6/8” carbon steel blade with two bevels and black etchings is matched with a high tech carbon fiber material to take this classic instrument to a new century. Old meets new.

Boker The Celebrated Curly Birch Straight Razor This lovely razor features natural wood scales and a simple, unadorned blade. A 6/8”carbon steel blade has a faceted point and straight spine. The scales are curly birch, indigenous to Northern Europe, with a tree medallion embedded in it. Simply natural.

Outside-the-Box Straights Razor Options

If you aren’t ready for a straight or you are waiting for the perfect find, look to shavettes or vintage razors as a nice option. 

Feather Artist Club DX Folding Wood Handle Razor – While not technically a straight razor, Feather Artist Club tools frequently make the cut because of their affinity with straights. This is actually a shavette (the “blade” is a holder which accepts replaceable blades). This keeps it sanitary and cuts down on maintenance like stropping and honing. This folding wood handle provides the appearance and technique of a straight with the convenience of a DE. Professional quality at home.

Parker SR1 Barber Straight Razor – This option from Parker is also a shavette razor with replaceable blade. But the stainless steel beauty is great for barbers or anyone who wants the sharpest shave, every time. Economical and efficient.

Are you a straight razor lover? What’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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