WCS Classic Collection Razor 78S Product Review

Looking for an extremely affordable, good quality razor that let’s you launch into the wet shaving world with minimal fuss? Then check out West Coast Shaving Classic Collection Razor 78S. This well-balanced, well-constructed razor is made with stainless steel and designed for a mild shave.

It is really great for new shavers who are just learning to hone their technique, but it can also do some facial hair damage in the hands of the experts out there. Paired with the right head and  blade, it can be more or less aggressive depending on your needs. 


  • Weight: 78g 
  • Height: almost 4 inches
  • Material: 303 stainless steel, chrome-plated, zinc alloy head
  • Price: $24.98

West Coast Shaving

What started as small online business bundling and distributing razor blade sample sets to classic shavers has become a source for all things wet shaving. West Coast Shaving began sourcing and branding their own products in order to bring high quality, affordable men’s grooming products to all.  


This safety razor has a long, slender handle. The extra length makes is attractive for those who need longer strokes over more surface area.  Women and head shavers really like this razor. This is also a great option for those switching over from a disposal/cartridge razor as the length is similar.

Other popular safety razors, like the Mekur 34 and others, have a much shorter handle. But this handle length is similar to a cartridge razor.

The grip is knurled so it provides a nice texture in wet environments. The diamond, crisscross pattern is classic and provides plenty of traction. The handle is slender, but long.

It comes in at almost 4 inches, so while it is slim, it is also big enough for large hands to grip. Typically, safety razors come in at closer to 3 inches. 


The WCS Classic Collection Razor 78s is made with 303 stainless steel. This grade of stainless steel is corrosion resistant and excellent for machined tools like the safety razor. While it is resistant to corroding, it has more sulfur than other grades which can cause it to pit and rust in marine/humid environments if care is not taken. 

Dry it completely between uses and don’t allow it to stay wet. But with a little care, it will last you a long time. 

Other safety razor come in solid brass, aluminum, or higher grades of stainless steel, but that comes with a price tag. Safety razors from Karve, Rockwell, or Henson or come in at three times or more the price of this safety razor from West Coast Shaving.


At almost 4 inch, this handle is longer than the standard DE safety razor. It works well for those with large hands who like a little more handle to grip. At 78g, it is comparable to the weight of the extremely popular Merkur 34. That being said, this razor is notably heavier than your disposable types and even other safety razors that come in closer to 60-70g.

This allows the weight of the razor to do the work; you just need to guide it along. Just be aware that a light touch is all you need, especially as you get used to it.


Open comb razor head in two pieces Closed comb razor head in two pieces

The head of this classic, three piece razor comes in a variety of choices. West Coast Shaving offers closed and open comb options, as well as two options designed by Charcoal Goods: lithe and toothsome.

The closed comb and lithe options are excellent mild aggression heads which are great for new wet shavers or those with sensitive skin. The blade gap and solid bar help to reduce the amount of blade exposed to your skin resulting in a gentler shave.

If you like a more aggressive shave because of your coarse hair or expertise, then check out the open comb or toothsome options. The open “teeth” allow more blade to contact the skin which makes for a more aggressive shave.


As mentioned above, this razor is made from stainless steel which means that it resists corrosion and pitting, but it isn’t completely exempt from it. Keep your razor as dry as possible. You can invest in a razor stand to allow it to air dry, or pat it dry after use. This isn’t so difficult if you are a sink shaver, but for shower shavers (and many women are guilty of this) don’t leave your razor in the shower where it can get continual splashed.

It is also important to change your blade regularly. To get the best results, always shave with a sharp blade. If your blade starts to tug, it is time to change it out.


This is an extremely affordable safety razor that makes it exceptionally popular with new shavers. At around $25 (and often on sale), it can allow a new shaver to get in the game without a huge investment.

Pro: Con:
-Affordable -mid grade quality stainless steel
-Efficient -long handle might make detail work harder
-Great for beginners


Bottom Line:


WCS Classic Collection Razor 78S is a no-brainer safety razor. It is a classic, 3-piece stainless steel razor with a minimal learning curve and an excellent price point. Grab yours today at www.westcoastshaving.com.

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