WCS Midnight Collection Razor 84B Product Review

Safety razors have been making a big comeback as more and more shavers realize the benefits of this classic practice. These tools of yesteryear are actually very much at home in today’s bathrooms. West Coast Shaving Midnight Collection Razor 84B is an example of the modern twist to be found with these traditional razors. It is still a three piece (handle, base plate, top plate) razor but in a dramatic, matte black finish. And with the weight to back it up. Shavers, young and old, will appreciate this hefty tool as it mows down hair and leaves them with a close comfortable shave.

WCS Midnight Collection Razor 84B Review Specifications:

  • Weight: 84g
  • Height: 3.3 inches
  • Material: Matte black-coated 303 stainless steel, chrome-plated, zinc alloy head
  • Price: $24.98g



West Coast Shaving Brand:

West Coast Shaving started in a small condo in southern California over fifteen years ago. As the owners caught the itch for classic shaving, they noticed that it was wasteful and expensive trying so many different razor blades on the path to blade match perfection. So, they started to buy blades in bulk and then create sample packs of the most popular blades in smaller increments. And West Coast Shaving still does that today. However, they have branched out to produce all kinds of wet shaving products to bring others into the wet shaving game. Their West Coast branded items are designed for quality performance, but at a price point that makes them accessible to the masses.   


Like many safety razors today, the WCS Midnight Collection 84B is constructed using 303 stainless steel. This is an excellent choice for safety razors:

  • Specially designed to improve machinability. (Additional sulfur in the steel composition makes it the most readily machinable of austenitic – metal alloy resistant to corrosion –  stainless steel)
  • Still maintains good mechanical properties/toughness
  • Keeps corrosion resistance. (Although, this material is lower in resistance than alloy 304 because of the presence of more sulfur.) 
  • Good oxidation and heat resistance

West Coast Shaving’s Midnight Collection has the further advantage of a black, matte coating to aid in resistance to humidity. However, any razor can rust or corrode over time. Keep this metal as dry as possible, especially when not in use. Take care of your razor and it will take care of you.  

The heads, again like many safety razors today, are made from a zinc alloy. This is an common material for safety razor heads:

  • High strength and hardness
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Low cost raw material
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • High stability and accuracy in casting complex forms
  • Fully recyclable

The WCS Midnight Collection Razor 84B offers heads that are a zinc alloy with chrome plating that lets it shine OR a matching matte black coated finish. 


The WCS Midnight Collection Razor 84B has some heft to it. If you are used to plastic disposable razors, the weight of a safety razor might be the first thing you notice. But safety razors aren’t just heavier to get your notice. The weight serves a purpose. When you shave with a safety razor, you can guide the razor to the correct angle and then let the weight of the razor do the work. There is much less pressure involved – in fact, there should not be much at all. So rather than wearing out your hand, classic wet shaving should just be about guiding. 

Coming in a 84 grams, the WCS Midnight Collection Razor is in the mid to high range of safety razor weights. Most safety razor on the market today are between 60-100 grams with just a handful of really heavy hitters topping 100 grams.  

Shavers with really coarse hair will appreciate WCS Midnight Collection Razor 84B. Also, if you like to feel like you are holding onto something when you shave, you will like the weight of this razor as well.

The height of the handle is 3.3 inches which puts it in the mid range of length for safety razor handles. It is long enough to be grasped by large hands, but it is also short enough to maneuver in small areas. 

Black Safety razor standing upright on black table


A huge part of picking a razor is how it feels in your hand. WCS Midnight Collection Razor 84B meets all your shaving needs. It is a mid-length razor at 3.3 inches. It is small enough to be maneuverable, but long enough to give you something to hold. When changing over from a cartridge/disposal razor to a safety razor length of the handle can be one of the tripping points for new users. A cartridge/disposal razor is usually longer while safety razors appear to have a dinky handle in comparison. WCS’s safety razor cuts the difference a bit, although it is still shorter than your old Gillette Mach 3. 

Another stand out feature of this WCS Midnight Collection Razor 84B is the shape and grip of the handle. The knobs/knurling on this razor make it particularly good in wet environments. You really have something to grip with this safety razor. There are at least three different areas of traction (knobs) to let you grasp it more easily for long strokes or short strokes – excellent for maneuvering your way around all sorts of shaving obstacles.

But one of the best parts of this handle is the dramatic, matte black coating. While the coating adds an extra layer of protection from humidity, it looks absolutely fantastic doing it. The handle of WCS Midnight Collection Razor 84B is compatible with most standard DE heads so you can even keep the handle if you have another head you prefer. Speaking of heads. . .


The head of the safety razor is where the blade sits. Heads can determine the aggression of the shave (usually by how much blade contacts the skin), the blade changing method (twist to open, two-piece, or three-piece), or adjustable (heads that can change the gap between blade and skin). 

West Coast Shaving has a number of different head choices for the WCS Midnight Collection Razor 84B: black closed/open comb or chrome lithe/toothsome. 

Choose the matching matte, black option in a closed or open comb head. The closed comb (or safety bar) option is generally the most mild shave. The bar contacts the skin before the blade creating a line of “safety” to prevent irritation, nicks, etc. The open comb option is consider more aggressive because the open teeth of the “comb” allow for more blade access to the skin. Shavers with coarse, thick hair or those who shave infrequently might prefer this type of head.

If you don’t want the matching black, check out the Lithe and Toothsome heads designed for West Coast Shaving by Charcoal Goods. Also, in a closed (lithe) or open (toothsome) comb head, these options have been specially designed for a smooth and efficient shave. The head angle is just right for mowing down your hair.

Black safety razor heads in open and closed comb

WCS Midnight Collection Razor 84B Maintenance 

Maintaining your WCS Midnight Collection Razor 84B is not particularly difficult. Just remember to keep it dry! While it might seem like a contradiction since you are engaging in “wet” shaving, it is still important to take care to not let your tools sit wet. Dry them after use, or use a stand that allows air to circulate around them and dry them. Also, as difficult as it may be, don’t leave them in the shower where they will get continuously splashed and left damp. While it is corrosion-resistant, the WCS Midnight Collect Razor is not corrosion proof.

The other aspect of maintaining your razor in tip top shape is to keep a sharp blade on hand. The tool is most efficient when its cutting blade is changed regularly. A dull blade will not be doing you any favors. If you aren’t sure which blade is right for you and your razor. Check out a sample pack of West Coast Shaving bestselling blades. 


At under $20, you bet this razor is affordable!!! West Coast Shaving has worked hard to keep their products at prices that let everyone get in on the wet shaving game. If you consider what you pay for cartridge razors and their overpriced heads or the constant replacement of disposable razors, then you know the costs can add up. With a moderate initial investment in classic shaving, you can be spending just pennies a shave. Get a good soap/brush, a few razor blades, and WCS Midnight Collection Razor 84B and you can be shaving for about the price of a set of some cartridge razor heads.

 Pro: Con:
-affordable -midgrade quality stainless steel (but with an advantageous coating)
-efficient, weighty -heavier than disposable/cartridge razors
-excellent grip
-attractive finish


Bottom Line:

WCS Midnight Collection Razor 84B is a solid, substantial safety razor that will take your shave to the next level. Grab yours today at www.westcoastshaving.com.

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