Your Essential Wet Shaving Products Checklist

You’ve read the blog post, watched the video, talked to your friends, spiraled down into the chat rooms and you are ready to take the plunge into wet shaving. So, what do you need to get started? We think there are a few essentials that every new beginner should have. . .  as well as a few extras that can come in handy.

Essential Wet Shaving Products Checklist

  • Double Edge Safety or Straight Razor – You need to mow down those hairs with a tool that holds a sharp blade. We recommend a Double Edge Safety razor, especially for beginners, but you could also choose a Straight edge razor.

We recommend:

WCS American Liberty CNC Safety Razor

WCS Black Straight Razor, 5/8 Carbon Steel

  • Razor Blades (or strop) – You will need a pack of razor blades to load into your Double Edge safety razor. Finding your perfect blade may take a bit of trial and error, so we offer sample packs to make the job easier. If you decide to go the way of a straight razor, you will need a strop to maintain your blade.

We recommend:

DE Blade Sampler Pack, Standard

WCS 3” Strop, Latigo Leather and Canvas, Mahogany

  • Shaving Soap or Cream – Wet shaving requires that you have an adequate lubricant to allow the blade to glide over your skin and prevent razor burn, irritation, etc. Using artisan shaving soaps and creams that are specially designed to be thick, dense, and long-lasting is a big part of the wet shaving game.

We recommend:

WCS Duck Fat Shaving Soap, Oriental

WCS Shaving Soap, Cherry

  • Shaving Brush – In order to whip up that luscious froth, you will need a shaving brush. This tool is designed to aerate and hydrate the soap and then exfoliate your skin and raise your hair as you apply it to your skin.

We recommend:

WCS Tortoiseshell Collection Torch Shaving Brush, Silvertip

WCS Beacon Black Synthetic Shaving Brush, Black

  • Aftershave or Balm – We recommend that you don’t skip this step as your post-shave skin needs some love. While soaps have come a long way in nourishing your skin,  you can still benefit from a product that cleanses, tones, and hydrates your skin after the shave.

We recommend:

WCS After Shave Splash, Cherry 

WCS After Shave Splash, Gatsby V2


Additional Wet Shaving Product Essentials + Checklist

  • Alum – Used after you shave to close pores and stop the bleeding caused by nicks. 

We recommend:

WCS Basics Alum Aftershave Bar


  • Razor or Shaving Brush stand – Used to dry your tools and keep them in tip-top shape (and conveniently accessible). You can get separate stands for holding shaving brushes or safety razors; however, we like the stands that do double duty and hold both.

We recommend:

WCS Stand 312, Chrome

  • Shaving Bowl or Mug – Used to make and hold your lather during a shave.

We recommend:

West Coast Shaving Unbreakable Lather Bowl, Blue

  • Cologne – Used to take a phenomenal scent into your day – and let the feeling of a clean shave go with you.

We recommend:

West Coast Shaving Eau de Parfum, Cologne

  • Towel – When warmed, a towel can be used to open your pores and prep for a great shave (as well as clean the lather off your face when you are done).

We recommend:

West Coast Shaving Facial Wrap Towel, White

What is on your wet shaving essentials checklist? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below.

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